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Communication Policy

Parent-Teacher Communication

We value open and consistent communication communication with parents regarding their child's progress and daily activities. We understand the importance of keeping parents informed and involved in their child's educational journey. Firstly, we utilize the Remind app, which allows us to provide photo updates and send reminders directly to parents. Through this platform, we share glimpses of your child's day, showcasing their participation in engaging activities and milestones achieved. Additionally, our teachers prioritize direct communication with each caregiver at dismissal time. This one-on-one interaction allows teachers to provide personalized feedback on each child's day, highlighting accomplishments, milestones, and any noteworthy moments. This direct conversation ensures that parents have a comprehensive understanding of their child's daily experiences and can address any questions or concerns. Furthermore, we send home daily updates in each student folder as necessary. These notes may include important information about the activities, learning experiences, and highlights of the day. This tangible communication method allows parents to have a written record of their child's daily progress and serves as a reference for further discussions and engagement. By keeping parents informed and involved, we aim to create a supportive and collaborative environment that nurtures the growth and development of each child. If you have any further inquiries or would like to discuss our communication methods in more detail, please don't hesitate to reach out to our staff. We are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication and working together to provide the best possible experience for your child at Leap-ei.

Parent Involvement & Engagement

At Leap-ei, we believe in the power of parental involvement for the holistic development of each child. We welcome and encourage parents to actively participate in various school activities, attend parent-teacher meetings, and engage in their child's learning experience. Through collaboration, we aim to create a supportive community that enhances the educational journey for every child.

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