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We welcome toddlers starting at 24 months!

At Leap-ei, we understand that every child's educational journey is unique and should start at the right time for them. That's why we proudly accept children as young as 24 months, ensuring that parents no longer have to wait until their child reaches the typical 2½ years old benchmark to enroll them. We believe in providing an inclusive and nurturing environment from the earliest stages of development, allowing toddlers to begin their learning adventure with us at the perfect moment. With our tailored curriculum, early intervention trained professionals, and focus on social and cognitive growth, your child will thrive in our supportive community. Start your child's educational journey early and watch them blossom at Leap-ei.

Leap-ei Preschool Montclair

Our Core Values

Positive Reinforcement

We firmly believe in the power of positive reinforcement as a cornerstone of our instructional method. By utilizing positive reinforcement, we create a nurturing and encouraging environment that fosters the holistic development of each child. Our approach recognizes and celebrates the unique strengths and achievements of every student. By emphasizing positive reinforcement, we aim to cultivate a love for learning, boost self-confidence, and promote intrinsic motivation in our young learners. Through this method, children develop essential life skills, such as resilience, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication. By focusing on the positive, we empower children to explore their potential, make meaningful connections, and develop a lifelong love for education. At Leap-ei, we are dedicated to creating a foundation of positivity that inspires and empowers every child on their educational journey.
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We wholeheartedly embrace the concept of inclusion, recognizing the immense value it holds for the growth and development of all children. Our commitment to inclusion stems from the belief that when children with and without developmental or learning delays learn together in an inclusive environment, they benefit from each other's unique strengths and perspectives. By fostering an inclusive learning space, we create opportunities for children to learn and grow alongside their peers, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting social, emotional, and cognitive development. Inclusive classrooms encourage collaboration, empathy, and understanding, as children learn to appreciate and respect each other's differences. By engaging with diverse peers, children gain valuable insights, develop stronger communication skills, and acquire a deeper appreciation for the world around them. At Leap-ei, we believe that through inclusive education, we provide children with the tools they need to become compassionate, inclusive, and well-rounded individuals, prepared for a lifetime of learning and meaningful interactions.
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Individualized Plan

We recognize that every child is unique, with their own set of needs, abilities, developmental level, and learning style. That's why we are dedicated to creating an individualized learning plan for each child, tailored specifically to cater to their unique requirements. Our experienced educators carefully assess and understand your child's strengths, areas of growth, and preferred learning style to create a curriculum that optimally supports their development. By personalizing their learning experience, we ensure that your child receives the targeted attention and instruction they need to thrive. This individualized approach fosters a sense of confidence, engagement, and enthusiasm, setting the stage for optimal growth and progress. By embracing their individuality, we create a supportive environment that nurtures their strengths, addresses their challenges, and encourages their love for learning. 
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