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About Us

Welcome to Leap-ei, a place where every child's potential is embraced, and their unique abilities are celebrated. With a foundation built on inclusivity and positive reinforcement, we provide a nurturing learning environment for children of all learning abilities. Our dedicated team of early intervention trained professionals is committed to ensuring that every child receives the individualized attention and support they need to learn and grow. 


At Leap-ei, we believe that early education is the key to unlocking a child's future success. We offer a comprehensive range of programs tailored to toddlers aged 24 to 71 months, focusing on social -emiotional development, school readiness, and early learning. Through a blend of individual and group instruction, we engage children in various activities, including music therapy, play therapy, and fine motor art, to foster their holistic development. 


Our commitment to inclusion goes beyond welcoming children of all abilities; it extends to creating a learning environment where every child can learn and grow from their peers. By learning side by side, children develop social skills, empathy, and a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity. 


With our individualized learning approach, we create tailored curriculum plans for each child based on their unique needs, abilities, developmental level, and learning style. This personalized approach ensures that every child receives the targeted attention and instruction required for optimal growth and progress.


We also understand the importance of early identification. Even if your child does not have a formal diagnosis of a learning delay, we keep a close eye on any indicators that could potentially be linked to or cause the development of delays. Through early intervention, we address these indicators proactively, promoting positive learning habits and setting the stage for long-term success. 


With over five years operatig, Leap-ei has been a warm and inviting place for countless children. Our exceptional learning experience has garnered positive testimonials from grateful parents, and we take pride in the happy and engaging environment we provide. We also offer a range of events throughout the year, including seasonal and holiday celebrations that are open to the public, fostering a sense of community involvement.


We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our programs, schedule a tour of our facilities, and discover how Leap-ei can be the perfect place for your child's early education journey.

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