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Our Services

Group Instruction

  • Through active play, younger children will be able to learn and interact with peers in a safe and friendly environment away from big crowds.

  • Our play area is equipped with tunnels, a ball pit, and a miniature playground. A special educator with extensive experience in the Early Intervention program leads the classes based on each child's needs alongside trained staff.

  • Instructors are continuously promoting cooperative interactions, as well as improving social and emotional development.

  • Leap-ei offers both morning and afternoon sessions during the calendar school year.

Individual Instruction

  • Here at Leap-ei, our most valuable member is your child.

  • Individual instruction is provided to achieve tailored objectives necessary to meaningfully participate in a school setting.

  • Using applied support, positive reinforcement, and continual practice, we will achieve your child's developmental goals!

  • A line of constant communication is kept between our lead special educator to assure our families that goals are being met.

  • Parents and caregivers are encouraged to carry over activities at home per our special educator's recommendations.

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